Authenticity and Authority of the Bible (Paperback)

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This book, Authenticity and Authority of the Bible, by Ken Chant, explores how our Bible came into being in its present form; its inspiration and authority and that God is the author. It points out the differences between the Bible and the sacred books of other religions. Chapter 7 tells us of Jesus, the new man, committing himself to the Word and bringing forth an entirely new concept of the Word, that God is alive in Scripture. He broke the barriers of natural perceptions, natural desire, natural family, and his supernatural foe. By His dependence on the Old Testament, Jesus upheld its authority. Archaeology, down through the years, has proven over and over again, the truth of the Bible and its authenticity. Finally inspiration, faith, revelation, and science and all examined, demonstrating again, that the Bible is an authentic book on which we can rely.

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ISBN: 9781615290444
ISBN-10: 1615290443
Publisher: Vision Publishing (Ramona, CA)
Publication Date: October 1st, 2012
Pages: 270
Language: English