The American Scheme: The Cold Blooded Naked Truth (Paperback)

The American Scheme: The Cold Blooded Naked Truth By Arnold Hannon Cover Image
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The American Scheme hovers around a deep dark family secret. It's my half-century odyssey to unravel the mystery surrounding my linage: humans inherit 46 chromosomes. (23 from father and 23 from mother) My story is partly a tug of war between mother and son regarding the phantom 23 chromosomes of my father. Like gravity and mass pulls the earth together to form our world. Once all the elements of my life are pulled together, the world that I inherited will take form. I dedicate this book to the five putrid souls who interrupted my fourteen-year-old future mother's morning trek to Garfield Jr. high school, in Detroit Michigan, in the spring of 1948. You've made it almost impossible for my mother to look at me without conjuring up the pain and humiliation y'all trust upon her. You have ravaged her soul forever. We survived your dastardly acts. We came to grips with it all nearing the end of my mother's life in June of 2001. We embraced with a long overdue hug laced with love. Y'all lost. We won!

About the Author

Arnold Hannon was born on December 15, 1948, to unmarried, Binnie Mae Hannon. Arnold is the eldest of three sons born to Binnie Mae. Arnold earned his G.E.D. after dropping out of Northen High school. After a three-year stint in the military. (USA army 1974-1977) After his Honorable discharge he went on to earn an Associate. Degree in Psychology from Wayne County Community College in 1988. He earned his B.A. in Communications. in 1990. Before Arnold's undergraduate education began, he earned his master's degree in Street ology from the school of hard knocks.

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