Totally Captivated Volume 4 (Paperback)

Totally Captivated Volume 4 By Hajin Yoo Cover Image
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by Jinha Yoo
Mookyul's boss inadvertently walks in on an intimate kiss between Mookyul and Ewon, placing the young Ewon smack in the middle of their awkward relationship. Then much to his anger, Ewon walks in on an intimate moment between them. Trying to find relief in his own world, Ewon hangs out at a simple bar with his friends. However, the obsessive Mookyul doesn't leave Ewon alone and the young man is compelled to invite him to join them. Revealing the gorgeous Mookyul to his friends makes Ewon nervous. After all, the Boss has a hot temper. Before he can stop him, one of his friends makes the dire mistake of confessing to Mookyul his true feelings for Ewon...and Ewon has to act quick to save his life. There's got to be a way to appease the crazy lust of a loan shark with supermodel looks. If only Ewon could find a way...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781600092961
ISBN-10: 1600092969
Publisher: NETCOMICS
Publication Date: October 21st, 2014
Language: English
Series: Totally Captivated