Marx and the Bible: A Critique of the Philosophy of Oppression (Paperback)

Marx and the Bible: A Critique of the Philosophy of Oppression By Jose Porfirio Miranda, John Eagleson (Translator) Cover Image
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Much of what we pridefully designate as 'Western Culture' has prevented theologians, ecclesiastical authorities, and professional exegetes from perceiving the Bible's message on behalf of the poor and helpless of the world. 'Marx and the Bible' is an attempt to break this spell which has been disastrous for Christianity down through history and for the very content of its theology. What is most interesting is that when I began my scriptural investigation I did not have the remotest idea of where it would lead. I undertook it through pure devotion to Jesus Christ. But little by little, as I read the exegetical works, I realized that this barrier has existed for a long time. any serious reader will see that my convictions are Christian, not Marxist. Biblical scholarship itself will sooner or later have to take seriously the results of my investigation, for my conclusions are objectively verifiable, and I propose them as such. A rigorous methodology, or rather the Bible's authentic message, is called upon in our century to revolutionize completely the history of Christianity and with it the history of the West and the whole world. Jose Porfirio Miranda.

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Publication Date: January 23rd, 2004
Pages: 360
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