The Enduring Crown Commonwealth: The Past, Present, and Future of the UK-Canada-ANZ Alliance and Why It Matters (Hardcover)

The Enduring Crown Commonwealth: The Past, Present, and Future of the UK-Canada-ANZ Alliance and Why It Matters By Michael J. Smith, Stephen Klimczuk-Massion, Andrew Roberts (Foreword by) Cover Image
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The controversial Netflix series The Crown covers the tumultuous period from the Queen's accession in 1952 to the present day, and so does this book, which explores the rise, decline and-to some-unexpected rebound of the historic UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand alliance. While a post-Brexit and post-Elizabethan Britain seeks a new role in today's volatile world, its traditional partner countries also recognise the logic of reinvigorating their relationship, based on a multitude of still-strong cultural, economic, political, and military ties, including the monarchy as a uniquely shared global, and not merely British, institution. But this wasn't always the case. Although in the 1950s commentators spoke of a new "Elizabethan Age" with much postwar hope across the Commonwealth, that optimism quickly faded. By the 1970s, many thought Britain washed up and that Crown and Commonwealth ties and allegiance were becoming obsolete. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the four countries increasingly went their separate ways. So, a groggy time-traveller from that period appearing in London, Toronto, Sydney, or Auckland today would be taken by surprise by the durability of the Crown, even as it has passed to King Charles, and the growing reconvergence of the four "CANZUK" realms in terms of trade, defence, foreign policy coordination, freedom of movement, mutual recognition of professional qualifications, and other new or revived links. This book evocatively tells the whole story of where we are, what's possible for the future, and not least how we got here. In today's age of global instability and raw power politics, this renewed Anglosphere Crown Commonwealth alliance is more important and relevant than ever.

About the Author

Michael J. Smith is a senior civil servant and a former Royal Canadian Navy officer. He is Vice-Chair of the Queen Elizabeth II Statue Project working to install a dignified statue of Canada's beloved former head of state on the grounds of the Ontario Provincial Parliament in commemoration of the Platinum Jubilee. Smith, who personally spearheaded the successful effort to restore the historic titles Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force to the country's naval and air forces, is on the board of the Royal Military Colleges Museum Corporation and is based in the Toronto area. Stephen Klimczuk-Massion is a corporate and geopolitical strategist, scenario planner, former Oxford fellow, and current advisory board member of CANZUK International. He served as a principal of one of the world's largest management consultancies, and head of its CEO think tank. A Harvard MBA, he has also been head of strategy for late billionaire investor Sir John Templeton's main private foundation. Klimczuk-Massion has been the recipient of several Queen's appointments and honours and is based in the Vancouver area.

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ISBN: 9781538170199
ISBN-10: 1538170191
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication Date: May 15th, 2023
Pages: 382
Language: English