Married in Lancaster A Four-Author Amish Romance (Paperback)

Married in Lancaster A Four-Author Amish Romance By Rebecca Price, Ruth Price, Rachel Stoltzfus Cover Image
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An Amish choice. An unknown future. Will they find love?

Join four best-selling Amish romance authors in this sweet Amish romance collection, including an all-new book from Anna Fisher. If you are looking for a wholesome Christian romance collection that you can't put down, start reading Married in Lancaster now

Book 1 - The Bishop's Son:

Feeling angry was natural for Adam... until he met Emma.

Often angry and with a strong sense of personal justice, 18-year-old Adam Beiler finds himself constantly at odds with his Amish community after the passing of his father, the former bishop. When the new bishop of the community takes an interest in setting Adam straight, he is set down a path where many new people will enter his life - including two women that will change his life forever. Experience the romance, the personal tragedy, and the life of an Amish young adult in The Bishop's Son - A Simple Amish Romance. Will Adam embrace love when he has the chance, or is he destined to remain angry forever?

Book 2 - An Lancaster County Dilemma

Isolated. Resentful. Misunderstood. Is Emma Lapp strong enough to hold onto love?

After her older sister's tragic death during her rumspringa, sixteen-year-old Emma Lapp is caught between her parents' over-protectiveness and her need to forge her own path. Isolated, resentful, and misunderstood, Emma confides in Michael, her best friend and secret admirer, as she makes plans for her ultimate rebellion. But when Emma's simple solution threatens both of their futures, will she have the faith to stand up for her own values? Or the strength to hold onto her love?

Book 3 - Lancaster Amish Fires of Autumn

Uprooted. Desperate to go home. Will love change her mind?

All 16-year-old Martha Zook wants to do is return home to Elkhart, Indiana. But when she meets Lancaster Amish boy, Jebediah Yoder, their growing love forces her to question everything she thinks she wants. Is their fragile connection enough to keep Martha in Lancaster and to keep her and Jebediah together?

Book 4 - A Lancaster Amish Summer to Remember

A troubled teen. An Amish summer. Can disaster lead to love?

When troubled teen, Luke King, is sent for the summer to live with his uncle Hezekiah on an Amish farm, will he be able to turn his life around? And what about his growing interest in their Amish neighbor Hannah Yoder, whose dreams of an English life may end up risking both of their futures?

Marriages in Lancaster is a four-author Amish romance collection guaranteed to keep you turning pages and leave a smile on your face.

If you are looking for a delightful, well written book in the Amish tradition, download Married in Lancaster today.

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