Vanessa, the Vicar's Girl (Paperback)

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By Locus Elm Press (Editor), Anonymous
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'Lie still, Miss Markham, or I may need to demonstrate the use of the tawse on you sooner than I had expected', uttered Percival in such an authoritative tone as for a moment caused Vanessa to return to her even more youthful days when the commands of her Papa had been as those of the Deity. With a total sense of disbelief she felt him slide down as though he had dropped something upon the floor. Hence, believing such to be her moment of escape, she made again to rise and was producing the first flustered motions of so doing when both her uncovered legs were seized and-gripped firmly just above the knees by the Vicar's strong hands-were caused to dangle over his shoulders as he swiftly knelt before her.

'HAAAR ' Vanessa cried, though biting her knuckles as she did so lest Mary should hear.

When the less-than-good Reverend Jubstone calls upon Miss Markham, our naive and virginal beauty expects only a few words of kindly wisdom and choice scripture. But when over lascivious priest steers the already suggestive conversation to the use of the tawse in all things flagellatory our heroine finds herself flushed with embarrassment. A quick tour of her manor leads her into her bedroom where our lustful cleric christens her mount Venus in exceedingly lewd gamahuching style. Leaving the aforesaid tawse next to her pillow, he promises to return to train her in all deed and devices masochistic.

It is not long before the Markham household is under the spell of Jubstone as Mistress, brother, maid, aunt, and a particularly eager pair of young and impressionable nymphets succumb to his libidinous will. Nothing is left unwritten as the narrowest and untrained of apertures are explored to the rapturous murmurings of the newly dominated. There is no limit to the method or combination of our libertines' escapades.

Anonymously written in 1903 Vanessa, The Vicar's Girl is a classic of Victorian erotic literature, told in a wonderfully graphic prose that exemplifies the refined and forbidden pleasures afforded to those of wealth and status. Very, very, naughty.

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