It's The Worst Book Ever Written: Don't Waste Your Money Buying This, You?re Not Going to Get a Refund (Paperback)

It's The Worst Book Ever Written: Don't Waste Your Money Buying This, You?re Not Going to Get a Refund By Lucas J. Robak Cover Image
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Are you one of those 99%'er losers who wastes their money on stupid @$$ sh t?

There's a 99% chance that you are

Especially if you're an American It's fully expected of you to waste away your hard earned cash on useless things you don't need.

You've simply been brainwashed to think you need everything that the people who can afford it have.

Stupid Stuff You Already Buy

If you've purchased any one of these items in the last 12-months, you obviously love throwing your money in a firepit.

- Weddings
- Starbucks
- Alcohol
- Tobacco
- Uber/Lyft
- Cable TV
- Traditional Schooling (especially Textbooks)
- Being over insured
- Streaming services (Netflix)
- Clothes you don't need
- Shoes that hurt your feet
- Brand new car (Leasing a car)
- Dry storage
- Expedited shipping
- Bottled water
- ADD/HD Prescritption Medications (so stupid of you)
- Latest technology
- Vitamins & Supplements from brick n' mortar stores
- Renting anything
- First class travel

If you've said yes to anything above - this book is for you because you're that dumb to buy this garbage.

Where Your Money Should Go

Give Lucas your money since you have zero respect for it. He'll put it to good use

100% of all funds acquired from the dumbest people on the planet will go to buying mass quantities of Plastic Straws and Triple Cheeseburgers

Favorite Insults

"The author seems to have the intelligence level of an inbred monkey toddler."
- Jen

"This book is the reason why you have MS."
- Jason

"How could you write this trash. That's 15 seconds of my life I'll never get back. Thanks, you putz "
- Dave

"This book is the equivalent of a hole in the air."
- Michelle

"This book caused my divorce and the literary equivalent of Herpes."
- David

"The writing is so weird, the text is poorly edited, and the story is nonsense. I regret every second I've lost reading this."
- Salina

"I lost IQ points as I read."
- Lisa

"English must have been a struggle for this author. Even caveman drawings have deeper and more thoughtful plots and themes."
- Aaron


If you're one of the top 1% of people in the world who actually have respect for their energy, time, and money... Don't do it. Do not buy this horrible book... unless you want Lucas to buy 100K plastic straws for local businesses

About the Author

I'm a better writer than this. Welcome to my experiment of educational theory.

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