Taken by the Satyr: Philosophers' Secrets, Book I (Paperback)

Taken by the Satyr: Philosophers' Secrets, Book I By J. S. Simon Cover Image
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NEW INTELLIGENT FANTASY EROTICA A college student learns about Philosophy and classical Greek legends, but her self-exploration truly begins when she meets the legend himself: The tall, sexy, bearded half-man/half-goat is Socrates' black sheep uncle. He powerfully demonstrates that all the legends are true: satyrs are randy, passionate lovers who are irresistible to human females. "Steamy, sexy, smart " Alone in the deepest stacks of the old university library, first-year Philosophy student Callie has a pre-destined meeting with a centuries-old mythical being. According to legend, satyrs possess both keen intelligence and fierce sexual drive. Callie learns both of these stereotypes are true. Satyrs also understand sexual desire to be a natural right, if not a necessity. "Free love and often" seems to be their motto. Though Callie initially resists this, she comes to understand the wisdom of it as her mythical lover continually caresses, strokes, suckles, penetrates her body. Socratex is a fiercely gentle, passionate lover who keeps Callie with him in a mysterious cave beneath the library. During her days and nights with the satyr, Callie enjoys sexual satisfaction at levels she never dreamed were possible. When he leaves temporarily, Callie's now-overwhelming desire for her satyr is soon assuaged by Socratex' son, Kristofer. The wondrous, orgasmic connection they have as they merge their bodies in delightful ways leads to a profoundly deep relating between two connected in all possible ways. . . . . And then his satyr friends arrive for the summer Callie's understanding of sexual passion expands exponentially as she discovers her life's purpose.

About the Author

J.S. Simon is a professional writer and editor and sometime college professor. She lives close enough to the ocean to smell it in the constant sea breezes. Several furred beings share house space with her. Greek myths and satyrs have always been a fascination, so when the characters of this story repeatedly and persuasively approached her, she agreed to pen their stories. Coming soon: "Philosophers' Secrets, Book II." Continuing with satyr stories, another series soon to come: "Judges' Chambers." Connect with J.S.Simon: Facebook: J.S. Simon, Author email: jssimon@mail.com

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ISBN: 9781523789085
ISBN-10: 1523789085
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 27th, 2016
Pages: 148
Language: English