Quantum Mechanics: From a Non-Physical Spiritual Perspective (Paperback)

Quantum Mechanics: From a Non-Physical Spiritual Perspective By Mark My Words Cover Image
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I realized that Quantum Mechanics makes perfect logical sense from a Non-Physical Spiritual Perspective. Quantum Mechanics makes no sense whatsoever from a Materialistic Perspective. Materialism is the worst way and the most-limited way to interpret anything, especially Quantum Mechanics. The purpose of this treatise is to demonstrate clearly, logically, scientifically, and conclusively that the Trans-Dimensional Realm, or the Non-Local Realm, or the Non-Physical Realm, or the Spirit Realm, or the Quantum Realm truly exists and that Materialism is FALSE. You will have to decide for yourself if I meet my Burden of Proof through a preponderance of the evidence. What I wrote in this book ended up becoming core foundational material for many of my other books. In this book, I use Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Nonlocality to put spirit, mind, consciousness, and psyche back into every Physical Science, including the Science of Psychology. In the enhanced edition of this book, I define entropy and discover what it truly is. This book represents a huge leap in my understanding of Science.

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ISBN: 9781521132388
ISBN-10: 1521132380
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 9th, 2017
Pages: 802
Language: English
Series: Quantum Mechanics