Casseroles For Breakfast (Paperback)

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Breakfast is the first dinner taken subsequent to ascending from a night's rest, frequently eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day's work. Among English speakers, "breakfast" can be utilized to allude to this supper or to allude to a feast made out of conventional breakfast sustenances, (for example, eggs, porridge and hotdog) served whenever of day. The word actually alludes to breaking the fasting time of the former night. It has its starting point in the Christian custom of fasting from sustenance between the dinner supper of one day and accepting Holy Communion the next morning (such an Eucharistic quick is still seen by Orthodox Christians, however is abbreviated to one hour prior to Mass for Roman Catholics). Foregoing the common needing to eat was seen as a demonstration of forbearance that distinctions God, while fortifying the religious purpose and confidence of the believer.

About the Author

Once had a dream of buying and selling cabbage in Jacksonville, FL. Spent a year short selling puppets in Prescott, AZ. Had some great experience working on birdhouses in the government sector. Had moderate success selling sock monkeys in Washington, DC. Spent a year researching g.i. joes worldwide. Spoke at an international conference about writing about wooden trains with no outside help.

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