Paradise: The Life and times of JT Dalton (Paperback)

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In the style of such Victorian Classics as Autobiography Of A Flea and The Way Of A Man and a Maid, Paradise tells the rise from rags to riches of a man who achieves everything he wants, and then realizes that wealth is empty without a partner. So, he goes on a lust-filled journey through South East Asia to find one, not realizing that the Australian Company he helped build is also working to keep him satisfied so that he can keep them on track to take over the economies of their target country. This is JT Dalton's story, in his own words, dealing the rise to fame of a globally recognized company, how it was used to buy into and then control the entire economy of New Zealand, and it's conversion into a Corporate Economy. All interspersed with his lustful relationships with gifts, women offered to him by other governments as prizes to allow him to keep trading with and helping their own economic woes. This story was originally written in 1993, but was lost for more than 20 years before being recovered from an old Hard Drive that was definitely on it's way out. As such, some terms are dated, and there may be situations that seem odd in today's society. This is a story of the times from the mid 90's, when things were a little bit different than they are now. Definitely Mature Reading, Not suitable for children.

About the Author

Tim Morrison developed, scripted, and worked on the bulk of this book during a lull in employment in Australia in the early 1990's. The ideas came and were written using a word processor. Tragedy struck as the entire work seemed lost when the Hard Drive is was stored on, failed. The fickleness of electronic storage, no backup, so the entire story was lost to the annals of time. Until 2015, when a chance access to an old archive found a nearly completed copy of the work. Minor editing commenced, and the story was resurrected, 20 years later and is now available for your reading pleasure.

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ISBN: 9781517256869
ISBN-10: 1517256860
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 12th, 2015
Pages: 180
Language: English