Dementia Diet: Everyday Mini-Miracles: Through Diet, Vitamins and Supplements (Paperback)

Dementia Diet: Everyday Mini-Miracles: Through Diet, Vitamins and Supplements By Shari Darling Cover Image
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Discover How 7 Simple Principles Will Reverse Symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer's Live the life you used to live...right now. Jack is my husband. He is a former Navy SEAL Commander who served 3 tours in Vietnam. Jack was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Once again, he brings his A game to this fight for his life. He is approaching this challenge within the context of making a difference for others. In learning of Jack's Alzheimer's diagnosis, I was devastated. As a caregiver I felt helpless in watching his decline in his everyday skills, his cognitive and physical abilities. Jack still struggles with some cognitive functions like language. But through the Dementia Diet he has returned from the edge of declining toward severe to returning back to moderate and stable Alzeimer's. The 7 Dementia Diet Principles have given Jack quality of life and more quality time to spend with his loved ones. Everyday I see new mini-miracles. As have others in our lives. Working with Dr. Mordy Levy ( we implemented with Jack the 7 Dementia Diet Principles. Through following this simple diet and vitamin regime, we have reversed many of Jack's cognitive and physical symptoms, returning him back to himself. We've experienced and continue to experience everyday min-miracles. The Dementia Diet is not about counting calories or implementing some 24 hour, 7 day or 30 day plan. It's about choosing foods, vitamins and supplements (under your doctor's care) that nourishes the brain, mind, body and spirit. By implementing the 7 Dementia Diet Principles you will create mini-miracles into your own life or in the life of the person with dementia that you love. In this book you'll discover: The Dangers of Refined Sugar The Glycemic Index and Sugar Substitutes Why the Dementia Diet Includes Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Super Glutens and Frankenwheat The Glycemic Index and Gluten-Free Grains, Legumes and Vegetables Healthy Starch REALLY? Fat is Back The Power of the Peanut Butter Bar And much, much more

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About the Author

Shari Darling is the CEO of Understand Publishing ( She is also caregiver to her husband Jack. But her career is focused on food and wine, health and nutrition. Shari is an International award-winning and best selling author and journalist, educator, TV and radio host and wine judge. She specializes in food, wine, cheese and Gluten-Free and the partnership between them. Shari's concepts in sensory science as it pertains to wine and food pairing and her learning tools are utilized in colleges and universities throughout Canada for chef and sommelier training, including George Brown College, Niagara College and Brock University. She has been the newspaper columnist for the Peterborough Examiner (Sunmedia) in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada for over a decade and writes for several other magazines. She is also the creator of the 3 Wine Pairing Secrets Master Class http: //, The Icewine Wheel and the Canadian Wine and Food Pairing Wheel. Her books are celebrated under 3 series called Wine Pairing Club Presents; Cheesemaking; The Gluten-Free Club. Wine Pairing Club: Easy Appetizers and Matching Wines Harmony On the Palate The Wine and Cheese Lovers' Cookbook Cheesemaking: How to Make Fresh Cheeses Cheesemaking: Feta Cookbook Cheesemaking: How to Make Cream Cheese Cheesemaking: How to Make Brie and Camembert Cookbook The Gluten-Free Club: Gluten-Free Made Simple: Curb Fatigue, Reduce Inflammation, Lose Weight Gluten-Free Secrets For Weight Loss: That You Wish You Knew For More Information go to

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ISBN: 9781511464956
ISBN-10: 151146495X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 26th, 2015
Pages: 146
Language: English