The Antichrist (Paperback)

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We have all heard the terms Anti-Christ and the Jewish version "Abomination of Desolation" and we read in the New Testament" that there will be MANY Anti-Christs, but who, what, where are they and how did they become these horrible monsters. This book looks at all of these things to allow us a better understanding and fear of this horrible group of leaders. We must recognize that they are not simply evil. This form of evil is different than the crazy person killing innocents to make a name for himself. 2 things fuel these individuals: Pride and Hatred. I don't mean the anger one feels when someone does a wrong to you, I'm talking about the most debased definition of hatred; one that fuels religious and cultural genocide. Some of the worst Anti-Christs include the following: Nero- who killed and tortured thousands of Christians even inventing Roman Candles where setting fire to people would light up a partyAdolf Hitler - who killed 30 million and tried to eliminate Jews killing 6 millionGenghis Khan-who killed 20 to 60 million in unspeakable way expanding his Mogul DynastyAttila the Hun- who killed and tortured millions building massive beheaded Skull MountainsMao Zedong - who killed 65 million of his "own" Chinese people is some horrible ways Muhammad- responsible for killing over 100 million Founder Allah' the Moon God Religion] His words fostered the slavery of millions and deaths of millionsQueen Isabella- who was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands and creating some of the most monstrous tortures in the Spanish Inquisition Stalin- who killed as many as 10 million Russians not including millions in WW II and attempting the genocide of the Ukrainian Tamerlane- who killed and tortured 15 to 20 million in his Mongol DynastyHirohito- who killed, raped, and tortured 6 million Chinese alone before World War even startedThat being said there are many more. Some of them may be a shock as they pretended to be shining beacons of Christianity.

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