Vocals!: For Chorus, Speech Choir, Choir, and Ensembles (Paperback)

Vocals!: For Chorus, Speech Choir, Choir, and Ensembles By Dawn Labuy-Brockett Cover Image
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Includes The Mom Cycle - Occupation Housewife, The Cookie Exchange, Ode To Agie - which was performed at NIU as part of the Women's Month celebration. The composer had two men singing 2nd Alto parts, one dressed as a lady of the evening and the other in a house dress. The audience was rolling on the floor with laughter, from content mostly, but also every time the men sang. For Ode To Agie, the group wore choir robes, the piece sounded like a hymn, but it is actually about boogers. The composer says she "almost" crossed the line with this one. Love Fugue is for Speech Choir, and is a true fugue made from Bible quotes. Freckles is for Speech Choir, and the main poem is produced by all 4 parts through hocket. Fun for kids of all ages. Vegetables and Fruits is for Speech Choir, and incorporates Knock-Knock jokes that deal with vegetables and fruits. Also fun for kids. Bring A Torch, Jeannette Isabella is written for SATB with or without accompaniment. It is a beautiful and very unique arrangement. Jesus Christ Is Present is written for SATB with 3-Octave Handbell Choir. It incorporates segments of Beautiful Savior. It is eerie, mystical, and absolutely gorgeous Moments In The Night is a challenging 12-tone duet for soprano and tenor. This piece won the Best Performance at NIU's Honors Concert. Emily Dickenson Cycle - A Clock Stopped, The Soul's Storm, Joy In Death - is written for solo voice and percussion. It is difficult through time signatures as well as melodic lines and harmonies. Diane Ragains, Vocal Professor, NIU, did two different performances of this cycle. Both were amazing and hugely successful. Buying this book gives you permission to copy the contents for your needs. Dawn LaBuy-Brockett is a composer/writer, with many offerings on Amazon. Search for "dawn labuy" to find all her works. Here is a short list of what you will find: "Conversations" is a symphony with a score available, as well as parts, a CD, and MP3 downloads. "Butterflies" is a musical play with a playbook available, as well as sheet music, a couple of CD's, and MP3 downloads. Also available are books of Chamber Music Quartets and Quintets for most any instruments, Christmas music for voice and percussion, Handbell music (includes duets and quartets), a Piano Solo and a Duet for 2 Pianos, Instant Handbells with scores for immediate performances of Change Ringing, and Melodee Bells with scores for immediate performances of Change Ringing for young children or audience participation. Dawn also has books for toddlers to learn colors, numbers, and letters. She has books for 4 yr. olds and up to learn music note values, basic math, and combinations and permutations (don't let this scare you - it's interactive and fun ) 13 Pieces is a book of Dawn's short stories and poetry. Dawn LaBuy-Brockett, Pi Kappa Lambda, BM and MM Music Theory and Composition, NIU, BA Mathematics with a minor in English, IWU.

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