Hollywood Horrors: Murders, Scandals, and Cover-Ups from Tinseltown (Paperback)

Hollywood Horrors: Murders, Scandals, and Cover-Ups from Tinseltown By Andrea Van Landingham Cover Image
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The name "Hollywood" conjures up fantastical images of bright lights, glamorous dreams, and impossible riches. From its humble beginnings as a ranch sprawling northwest of Los Angeles in the late 1800s, Hollywood has spanned lifetimes as a factory of dreams, a dazzling place where all things are possible. This collection of stories takes you on a journey into the golden age, illuminating the space between the airy fantasy and the gritty reality of life in Hollywood. In a transient city where nothing lasts, thousands of stories have taken place in their time here. From the offscreen debauchery of the silent era, to countless dramatic and mysterious deaths, to the sinister past lives of world-famous LA landmarks, vestiges of Hollywood's checkered past can still be found all over the city. With generations of Tinseltown's luminaries living and working under the sunny guise of paradisal prosperity, their real stories reveal the sordid underbelly lurking directly beneath the surface. A dangerous collusion between the studios, the press, the mob, and the LAPD forms an impenetrable behind-the-scenes network of corruption, power and control, where the truth is always up for sale. A network in which the most glamorous and well-known figures are merely players in this elaborate charade. It's magical and gritty, it's ugly and dirty, it's the land of dreams...it's Hollywood.

About the Author

A native of the sun-bleached Los Angeles area, Andrea Van Landingham grew up surrounded by LA stories. Her love of Hollywood lore dates back to her teen years, when the discovery of classic cinema led to a small collection of films - a collection that continues to expand today. Andrea's fondest memory from those early years is riding the metro into Hollywood on weekends, exploring the locations where her favorite stars had long before worked and played.

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ISBN: 9781493060078
ISBN-10: 1493060074
Publisher: Lyons Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 312
Language: English