Indifference: On the Praxis of Interspecies Being (Paperback)

Indifference: On the Praxis of Interspecies Being By Naisargi N. Davé Cover Image
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In Indifference, Naisargi N. Dav examines the complex worlds of animalists and animalism in India. Through ethnographic fieldwork with animal healers, animal activists, farmers, laborers, transporters, and animals themselves, and moving across animal shelters and dairy farms to city streets and abattoirs, Dav shows how human-animal relations often manifest through care and violence. More surprisingly, what Dav also finds animating interspecies relationality in India is an ethic of indifference---that is, an orientation of mutual regard rather than curiosity, love, desire, or animus. For Dav , indifference is a respect for others in their otherness that allows human and nonhuman animals to flourish in immanent encounters. Indifference, then, becomes the basis for an interspecies ethics and a method of care and practice in everyday life. With indifference, Dav describes both a mode of relationality in the world and a scholarly approach: seeking what is possible when we approach ethico-political concepts with indifference rather than commitment or antagonism. Moments of indifference, Dav contends, offer the promise of otherwise worlds.

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ISBN: 9781478025139
ISBN-10: 1478025131
Publisher: Duke University Press
Publication Date: August 4th, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English