Sikhs Across Borders: Transnational Practices of European Sikhs (Paperback)

Sikhs Across Borders: Transnational Practices of European Sikhs By Knut a. Jacobsen (Editor), Kristina Myrvold (Editor) Cover Image
By Knut a. Jacobsen (Editor), Kristina Myrvold (Editor)
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Sikhs Across Borders is the first study to explore patterns of transnational practices among European Sikhs, with particular focus on the links between the Sikhs in Europe, Punjab (the 'home-land') and within a global Sikh community. The book illustrates how local and transnational spheres coexist and interact in a multitude of social and cultural practices and discourses among European Sikhs
past and present.

Based on new empirical research Sikhs Across Borders book explores how religion continues to play a significant role in the daily lives of European Sikhs and is important for their maintenance of links
with the homeland, as well as Sikhs in other parts of the world. The team of international contributors show how Sikhs are shaping new self-representations and identity constructions through a multitude of transnational practices on the individual, national and global level, such as marriages, pilgrimage narratives, and the use of the internet and new media. Further transnational practices examined include religious learning and teaching practices and responses to political events in the diaspora.

About the Author

Knut A. Jacobsen is Professor of History of Religions at the University of Bergen, Norway.Kristina Myrvold is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Praise For…

'Theinternet, pilgrimage, religious controversies, kinship networks, Sikh soldiersin World War 1 - these are just some of the subjects addressed in a work thatvery accessibly presents fine scholarship from seasoned specialists and younger scholars inSikh Studies.  Research in specific fields andEuropean national contexts is excellently set in wider historical andgeographical contexts.  This volume will be important to teachers andstudents of religious and diaspora studies from a rangeof disciplines. '   Eleanor Nesbitt, Professor Emerita at the University of Warwick, UK.
 'Enriched by the contribution of a new generation of scholars from different disciplines of social sciences, the volume suggests how Sikh Studies continually incorporates new frontiers of academic enquiry and appeals to the interest of scholars of migration studies, demographers, students of economic development and researchers on social mobilization.'  Himadri Banerjee, Department of History, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
 'Sikhs Across Borders illuminates a multitude of ways thatSikhs have sought to represent themselves across the varied geo-culturallandscape that is Europe. Moving beyond simply migrationhistory, Sikhs Across Borders offersa diverse collection of essays that are both theoretically grounded and rich intheir substantive content.Theessays in this volume are engaging in their presentation, and contain a wealthof empirical data making them valuable resources for future scholarship in thearea. Jacobsen and Myrvoldhave produced what is sure to become required reading for those interested inthis newly emerging and rapidly growing area of study.'  Michael Hawley, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Mount Royal University, Canada
 'The bookoffers empirically based case studies on Sikhs living in different regions of Europe. A pioneering effort in examining the history of establishment of theserecent communities, the book would serve as a major building block for theemerging sub-field of Sikhs in Europe.'  Gurinder Singh Mann, Professor of Sikh Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

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