The stoneman Transmission (Paperback)

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Chilam Balam, Dogon, Rastafari, Same Thing the Area of Expertise of the Rastafari, is Word sound /Power. i.e., Poetry, Music, sacred art of sound vibration etc., healing. This book is the transmission of the wisdom of the Gambian "stoneman" this is essence of the African oral Tradition; call and response ... There is a harmony in the laws of the universe in relation and in Terms to and of the creation of matter, the universe, and the creation of life, all three are Governed by similar principles and within this esoteric mythology system, the Dogon have preserved this knowledge through the years by painting and drawing symbols in the sand. This is of the origin of the oral tradition note the Dogon wisdom was released in the 1930's (around 1934) around same time, Nation of Islam starting and Rastafari Movement; here all the different elements have fused into one great synthesis, here at the top there is no contradiction...

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ISBN: 9781458331960
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Publication Date: March 19th, 2022
Pages: 88
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