The Alzheimer's Epidemic (Paperback)

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The "Alzheimer's Epidemic" has begun. As the number of aged individuals worldwide continues to grow the epidemic will continue unabated. Alzheimer's disease will affect one in three families. In addition to the devastating implications of this epidemic to Alzheimer's sufferers, their families and caregivers, the economic costs to society will be enormous. Around the world governments are struggling with ways to deal with this unrelenting tide that will soon be a medical tsunami that will challenge many societies' ability to cope. At the front of this attempt to stem the tide are biomedical researchers worldwide who are working diligently to understand the causes of Alzheimer's, which will allow them to formulate ways to slow the progression of the disease and someday stop it from occurring. In 16 chapters with over 100 original full color figures, this book looks in depth at this "Alzheimer's Epidemic" by focusing on the causes and the search for a cure. Other books have dealt in detail with the symptoms of the disease and how to care for those suffering with the disease. This book is significantly different from those that have gone before. The content is gleaned from original research and reviews including recent international meetings. The authors' strong science background and research on proteins linked to the disease has allowed him to look at Alzheimer's disease from a wide base of knowledge which leads to some new insights into the origins and future of the disease. This book sets the stage for an in-depth understanding of what is being done and where research is going in the quest to understand the causes and find a cure for an unrelenting disease that paves the way to dementia for those it affects.

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ISBN: 9781456616410
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Publication Date: July 11th, 2013
Pages: 242
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