Tableau Numero 20 (Paperback)

Tableau Numero 20 By est em Cover Image
By est em
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A collection of short stories from one of the most critically esteemed authors in the genre.

Ten years ago, while still a student, Maurice stumbled across an illustration in an artist's sketchbook that instantly captivated him. A drawing of a beautiful youth with sad, gentle eyes, an expression that spoke of love and forgiveness. Now settled into his successful career as an art restoration expert, Maurice is shocked by the sudden appearance of a young man who looks exactly like the one in the drawing. Who, in fact, insists that he is the one in the drawing... A collection of short stories by the incomparable est em.

About the Author

est em is the creator of over a dozen manga, several of which have been published internationally. Her previous English-language releases include Age Called Blue, Red Blinds the Foolish, and Seduce Me After the Show. Born in Tokyo on April 2nd, she is an Aries with an A blood type. You can find out more about est em at her website,, or follow her on Twitter, @est_em.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781421558448
ISBN-10: 1421558440
Publisher: SuBLime
Publication Date: October 8th, 2013
Pages: 178
Language: English
Series: Tableau Numero 20