Eat Sleep Drink Wine Repeat: Genkouyoushi Notebook (Paperback)

Eat Sleep Drink Wine Repeat: Genkouyoushi Notebook By Mirako Press Cover Image
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Hiragana Katakana Practice - Japanese Writing Practice Notebook
Genkouyoushi is a typical Japanese paper used for writing. It is printed with vertical columns of squares, with each square designed to accommodate a single Japanese character or punctuation mark.
Genkouyoushi in this book are in proper size and format. The same as they are used in Japan. You can also use this book either from left to right or from right to left

Cover: Great tough matte paperback. Secure professional binding prevents the paper falling apart. Therefore, the Notebook is durable to withstand any adventure

Dimensions 8.5"x11" 110 pages to write on, the book provides enough space for comprehensive or sequential notes, while it is light enough to be carried along comfortably by anyone, Making it so great for classroom studies, as well as quick reviews while travelling

Interior Details:
This Kanji Writing Practice Notebook has 100 pages with thick, high-quality white paper to prevent ink leakage.
Each template square allows for correct spacing of characters to fit one kanji, hiragana or katakana.
Layout: dark gray lines are easily covered by your creative colored pens or pencils, and even markers, and with or without a shitajiki
Simple design interior

What is this book for?
This book for inspire Japanese language learners to write what they learnt about the language, to journal their Japanese learning, or to even compose their own stories, in Japanese

Who will need this book?
Genkouyoushi is very popular used, especially by students
Primary and secondary students in particular are required to hand in assignments written on Genkouyoushi, and essays for school entrance examinations are also written on the paper, making knowledge of the correct way to use Genkouyoushi essential. Some programs of Japanese as a foreign language also require or encourage their adult students to use Genkouyoushi for practice or formal assignments or both, as use of the paper helps students to learn correct spacing when writing vertically.
Japanese Composition Notebook is a great tool that would help jumpstart your Japanese learning It would make a perfect gift for yourself, your friends, school or college classmates, students or teachers, with whom you share meaningful Japanese learning journeys

Product Details
ISBN: 9781099939785
ISBN-10: 109993978X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2019
Pages: 104
Language: English