Climax AD 2026: The Seven Millennial Day View (Paperback)

Climax AD 2026: The Seven Millennial Day View By Gary Overholt, Walter Overholt Cover Image
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History had a beginning, and it will have an end based up God's creative order, His judgment, and the reconciliation of all Christians through regeneration in Christ. God's plan has always been one of restoration since the inception of sin as outlined in the book of Genesis. The biblical mandate of a week as a measure of time cannot be duplicated in any natural process. "The Seven Millennial Day View" implies that this week may serve as a template for God's plan of redemption.

"Climax AD 2026" explores in debate style format when the sixth week of creation or the church age will end based upon the biblical timeline and possible outliers. God has always had a view toward the end and this book will briefly review some of the past, present, and future events and markers that indicate the end of the ages are very near.

About the Author

Gary is a graduate of King's Seminary, ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance, and a Counselor with the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors. Gary and his wife Fran have counseled hundreds of couples, trained teachers, pastors, mentors, and taught Bible classes for over 35 years.Walter J. Overholt is a graduate of Biola University with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics and a minor in Biblical Studies. He has taught the elderly at retirement centers and has been involved in hospital visitation. He and his wife, Helena, have been serving in the Prison Ministry (PYCM) for about ten years as counselors, teachers, and mentors to the youth. He also delights in writing inmates throughout the California State Institutions as part of the pen-pal program initiated at Crossroad Christian Church in Corona.

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