Come the Harpies (Paperback)

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By Ehnis
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COME THE HARPIES is a timely, suspenseful story that imagines an America 50 years in the future based on what's happening around us right now. It offers strong romantic elements as its main characters weather the ups and downs of young love in the midst of a nation that's falling apart.

Egon Pace is a wayward senior at White Castle(R) High and a misfit in the violent, polluted world of 2076. He hates the things totalitarian America loves most: Shooting guns, leading Yakker troops in foreign invasions, and breeding early and often to repopulate a nation ravaged by environmental diseases and unbridled gunplay. His defiance gets him beaten, shot and humiliated until he finally snaps, lashing out against his school, the church, and the very nation where resistance is a capital offense. As the authorities close in to silence him, Egon and his girlfriend, Lynette, make a desperate break for a fabled utopian nation to the west. It's a race for freedom...a race for survival.

COME THE HARPIES is a spell-binding thriller, a coming of age story, but most of all, a cautionary tale if society doesn't soon change its ways.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088067123
ISBN-10: 1088067123
Publisher: Carl Ehnis
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Pages: 350
Language: English