Tucker McBride's Many Lives (Paperback)

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People wonder if Tucker McBride has many lives. But Tucker says, he just completely lives the one he has. He helps everyone who needs him, and still has time for adventure, loaded with action.

It's 1946, only six days until Thanksgiving. It's a time when life is both simple and complicated. Tucker lives that simple life with his grandparents who don't even drive a car. World War II is over, uncomplicating the world. But he muddles up his own life by not thinking before he acts. It's only when he ends up in a pile of horse maneuver that he remembers to check where his feet will land before he jumps.

When Tucker and Christy go to Goshen to celebrate his thirteenth birthday, they invite Freddie and Johnny to come along. They have no idea their decision to take alternate transportation will cause them to end up in Ohio. Nor do they realize helping a young girl named Taffy, will result in being stopped by the police and stalked by two scoundrels in a prowling car.

After they get to Taffy's house, they forget the challenges met in getting her back home. But Tucker soon discovers he will still have to use every cleaver idea he can muster, and a certain amount of wisdom, to make sure she gets to stay there.

For Tucker, the upcoming holiday congers up delicious images of pumpkin pie with mounds of fresh whipping cream, golden turkey drumsticks, and God's blessings spread all over everyone, like a thick layer of Gramma's Concord grape jelly. Will they get back home in time for the magic of a huge family holiday dinner?

Tucker McBride's Many Lives is a book of fun, family love, adventure, and action. Tweens love it, their parents enjoy it, and their

grandparents remember when life after World War II was a time when a kid could be a kid. It is the sequel to Tucker McBride.

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ISBN: 9780998859064
ISBN-10: 0998859060
Publisher: Daniel's House Publishing
Publication Date: August 31st, 2020
Pages: 244
Language: English