Postcards From Liverpool: Beatles Moments & Memories (Paperback)

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The British Beatles Fan Club Magazine described Postcards From Liverpool: Beatles Moments & Memories as "delightful" and a "Very enjoyable book."

English Songwriter Mitch Murray (Three Sixties No. 1 Hits) "I was part of Beatleworld during the early days and even I have been thourghly re-educated by Mark's book. It's meticulously researched and the photos are among the best I've seen..."

If you shake a bottle of pop - and flip the top - it explodes. That's what happened to the Beatles. They were a musical tsunami. From 1962-70 they recorded songs teens and adults yearned to hear. Their melodies still spark and glow, and their harmonies move together like parallel lines. It feels like they are in the same room-singing directly to you.

Music journalist Mark Brickley's expanded (May 2019) book, Postcards From Liverpool, recounts rarely heard tales, including the story of how the Beatles struggled to record their first single, "Love Me Do." The book's Rishikesh chapter remembers the band's immersion in Transcendental Meditation, and offers an alternate ending to the group's exodus from Maharishi's ashram. The world's greatest sitarist Ravi Shankar is profiled in The Sitar's Sound and the peak of McCartney's solo career is reviewed in Wings Over Africa. There are two dozen additional photographs and four new chapters in the reissued book, including the author's 2018 meet-up with Beatles drummer Pete Best at the San Diego Beatles Fair, a primer on how to grade and collect vinyl records and how vocalist Engelbert Humperdinck, kept two of the Beatles greatest singles from reaching the top of the British Charts.

The book traces the Beatles source sounds, deconstructs the band's layered harmonies and examines their songwriting influences, including Victorian Music Hall's upbeat, bawdy style. There is also a close look at the band's innovative recording techniques.

Postcards From Liverpool is illustrated with the author's original, previously unseen photographs of Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Ravi Shankar, Pattie Boyd and many other icons in the Beatles orbit. It's interviews include, Paul McCartney's son (James), Apple Records' vocalist Jackie Lomax and Andy White, the drummer who replaced Ringo Starr on the Beatles first single record.

Brickley's biography traces the band's footsteps through London into their Liverpool childhood homes, with side trips to McCartney's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, Starr's Grammy Museum Press Conference, Cleveland's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Beatles exhibit and the Los Angeles Fest For Beatles Fans. Each tour stop, event and exhibition confirmed the unbreakable bond that music fans still have with the famed Liverpool quartet. Postcards From Liverpool is your invitation to rediscover the Beatles stunning soundscape .

  • What Beatles decision in 1962 changed pop music forever?
  • How did Lennon & McCartney sing harmony in parallel thirds?
  • What happened to the ring that Ringo wore during every concert?
  • How many of the Beatles' children became musicans or recording artists?

All Qs answered in the book.

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