Triumph of the Green Man: Vampires vs. Eugenics (Paperback)

Triumph of the Green Man: Vampires vs. Eugenics By Reid Stuart Cover Image
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By 2113, American society had fractured into several genetic castes. A war was about to erupt between eugenic superhumans and vampires with computerized brain implants. Our hero Harry Laughlin is a genetically engineered superman who falls in love with a girl from the dysgenic underclass. Passages of poignant sentimentality are marooned amid nightmarish scenes of gristly carnage and cutting-edge biotech theory. Vampire enthusiasts beware: the lesbian bloodsucker Countess Karnstein is back The satires contain graphic sexual violence intended only for mature readers.

Drawing upon the tropes of pulp science fiction and vampire lore, this utopian novel is an entertaining presentation of serious ideas, notably the eugenic theories of Sir Francis Galton, the intelligence-research by Richard Lynn, and the racial theories of J. Philippe Rushton. The author also incorporates his own suggestions on how to use modern reproductive technology and selective breeding to upgrade humanity's genetic quality. This novel is the most detailed and in-depth fictionalized endorsement of eugenics ever published, and it debunks the unscientific myths advanced by feminists and "anti-racist" egalitarians. Much of the plot explores psychological resistances to eugenics (such as the widespread denial of the reality of biologically based race differences in IQ) and the social tensions that result from dysgenic breeding, dysgenic immigration, and ecological degradation caused by the overpopulation crisis. The action is set in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly at the University of California, Berkeley.

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ISBN: 9780996951319
ISBN-10: 0996951318
Publisher: Obscurus Books
Publication Date: May 5th, 2016
Pages: 496
Language: English