Telugu Version of Quran: Testimony of Antichrist (Paperback)

Telugu Version of Quran: Testimony of Antichrist By Rev Joseph Adam Pearson Ph. D. Cover Image
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"Telugu Version of Quran: Testimony of Antichrist" compares and contrasts Islam, Judaism, and Christianity by way of their foundational literature. This book is a scholastic work that provides the basic similarities and differences between and among these three major world religions. The importance of this work is in: (1) identifying the sector of origin for the final, end-time Antichrist; (2) explaining the correct interpretation for the cipher "666;" and (3) distinguishing the differences between the beast of Chapter Thirteen and the beast of Chapter Seventeen in the Holy Bible's Book of Revelation. This well-written work is intended for use as a practical handbook for understanding as well as responding to major end-time global events that relate to religion and spirituality. Currently, this book is available in: (1) English, (2) Urdu, and (3) Telugu. (1) English is understood by nearly 1.5 billion people. (2) Urdu is a living language that is spoken by nearly 100 million people. (Urdu is the national language of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and has official status in six states of India as well as in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.) And, (3) as one of the six classical languages of India, Telugu is spoken by nearly 75 million people. Disclaimer: The author does not understand Telugu. Therefore, the author could only proofread English words used in the Telugu text. Because there may be translation errors in Telugu words, Telugu grammar, and Telugu syntax, the author would appreciate hearing from readers of the Telugu version who are willing to point out any errors they find. For readers who want to compare the Telugu version to the original English version, a free English version can be downloaded from: http: // This Telugu version has a publication date of "May 7 2018." Any corrections in the Telugu version that have been made after that date will be found in the free online Telugu edition, which is also located at the same web address just given. The online Telugu edition will be updated as errors are identified and corrections are made. Contact the author at or

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ISBN: 9780996222457
ISBN-10: 0996222456
Publisher: Christ Evangelical Bible Institute
Publication Date: May 7th, 2018
Pages: 172
Language: Telugu