Demons Summoned (Paperback)

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Counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, police officers, judges, pastors, evangelists, and teachers--all have puzzled over the seemingly impossible and heinous crimes they see. What could cause a teen to rape and murder an elderly woman? How could a woman put her own baby in boiling water? How could parents feed their child to a pit-bull dog? How could a mother beat her precious child to death with a hammer? How could a person rape and murder an infant? How could a young child brutally stab another child? How could a person murder an innocent baby and then eat it? What so many don't realize is that when you open a portal to a demon spirit any evil can happen. What may seem like a harmless form of entertainment may actually be deceitful and very dangerous. Whether you are trying to summon a spirit, or you're into upper levels of martial arts, yoga, drugs, any type of sexual sin, reading your 'horror-scope, ' perusing the satanic bible, dabbling with white or black magic, experimenting with Tarot cards, playing with a Ouija board, viewing any form of pornography, watching a satanic horror movie, going to a's ance, being hypnotized, getting drunk or being sadistic toward a person, child or animal--even just putting your faith in a simple dream-catcher, you have the potential of opening a portal between you and an evil spirit (a demon). However you want to look at it, the Bible teaches that communicating with any spirit (including departed persons) is extremely dangerous on every level of your life.

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ISBN: 9780989651899
ISBN-10: 0989651894
Publisher: Tim Thompson
Publication Date: September 25th, 2014
Pages: 102
Language: English