Decoding the Enigma: The real reasons for the decline of our country (Paperback)

Decoding the Enigma: The real reasons for the decline of our country By Maryalice E. Bonwell Cover Image
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THE REASON WHY: Other books take a satirical look at America in decline. They tell us we are declining, but they do not tell us why. Why are we declining? That is the enigma. Other books lament Alzheimer's and other degenerative diseases, but they do not explain the causes. This is yet another enigma that is covered in the book. See how the search for an understanding of Alzheimer's disease opened new ways of looking at our mental and emotional decline. Gain new understanding of how aspects of our personality such as connectedness, self- control, and attention have changed. Explore research on stomach function, the personality of cancer patients, and the importance of allergies to common foods and chemicals. HEALTH: For caregivers and those suffering with health problems there is a wealth of practical information on Alzheimer's, depression, allergies, anorexia and other degenerative diseases. Learn the techniques the author used to care for her own mother and the four pieces of the Alzheimer's puzzle that she discovered. This book is not only essential for caregivers, it also shows baby boomer how to avoid the nightmare of Alzheimer's disease. This book provides answers: - If you are despondent about the decline of America. - If you wonder why our personalities are changing. - If you want to prevent Alzheimer's or you are a caregiver. - If you have a daughter who is anorexic. - If you struggle with depression or other degenerative diseases.

About the Author

MaryAlice Bonwell was a special education teacher in San Leandro, California when her health suddenly collapsed. She was diagnosed with environmental illness. Too sick to continue teaching, she went to live with her mother and started a small business selling reading boxes to those sensitive to the chemicals in paper and print. The reading boxes took her to medical conferences and enabled her to talk with hundreds of chemically sensitive patients. She learned the importance of Theron Randolph, M.D. to the whole field of environmental medicine. By following the precepts of Dr. Randolph, she was able to largely regain her health and return to special education teaching, this time in Imperial California. While she was teaching MaryAlice cared for her mother who had slipped into Alzheimer's disease while at the same time also continuing her professional studies. While writing her masters thesis she talked with the director of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and used their materials for her thesis. Westin Price D.D.S. wrote about our physical degeneration, but as MaryAlice worked with children with learning disabilities at school and coped with her mother's Alzheimer's at home, she began to realize that that people can be degenerating mentally and emotionally as well as physically. If we are degenerating mentally and physically what are the political implications? Mary Alice graduated from the University of Washington in political science. These are the kinds of questions that interest her. She brings a unique perspective to the question of why our country is in decline. This decline is in character and personality as well as the increase of degenerative diseases.

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