Illegal to Legal: Business Success For The (Formerly) Incarcerated (Paperback)

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"A superb, all-in-one business startup manual with the proper dose of motivational wisdom; uniquely targets an audience for whom options in life may often appear to be limited." Kirkus Reviews (starred review)"The average drug dealer or criminal has the same business skills as the average Fortune 500 C.E.O., or nearly any business owner." Bishop T.D. Jakes (paraphrased) Unfortunately many people know no other means to support themselves but crime. To fight the vicious circle of crime and recidivism we need to create ways offenders, ex-offenders, those at risk to offend, and those living off crime (but not yet caught) can make money legitimately, but how? With criminals records it's difficult for many ex-offenders to get jobs with a livable wage. Showing (ex) criminals how to be successful in legal businesses is far better then returning to crime, and will change the destiny of millions of people. "Illegal to Legal" was created because if you supported yourself with crime you can be very successful in a legitimate business IF you take the lessons you've learned from your past and apply them to your future. Illegal to Legal shows how to use your past life experience, your skills, and your passions to start your own business. Practical steps and inspiring real life examples are provided, and a step by step plan to help you start a business. There also is a list of over 165 businesses you can start - many requiring no money Buy this book for the offender, ex-offender, person at risk to offend, person living in crime, or the families of any of these groups so they can learn the steps to support themselves in a meaningful way, apart from crime.

About the Author

A formerly incarcerated citizen, now successful entrepreneur, shows how anyone can take their life experience and with passions and their strengths start a small business - even without money! R.L. Pelshaw was the youngest of seven raised by his single mother on welfare in a mixed-race household. He was the first from his family to conventionally graduate high school, first to attend college, and the first to become successfully self-employed. For twenty-five years, Pelshaw was a successful Midwestern real estate broker, developer, investor, and consultant with over $700 Million in career transactions. The Great Recession found Pelshaw financially over-extended. Coupled with trusting the wrong people, overspending, and some bad business decisions made, Pelshaw suffered a catastrophic loss of a multi-million dollar asset base. In his efforts to stay afloat and "rob Peter to pay Paul" Pelshaw stupidly temporarily misused $135,000 of SBA loan proceeds, which caused him to receive a felony and serve a ten-month sentence at Leavenworth Federal Prison Camp. Pelshaw has the unique perspective of a businessman and felon, and seeks to bridge the gap for others so they can have a new life without depending on crime for a living. Since serving his time he has focused on helping inmates, former inmates, and those at risk of being incarcerated create a legitimate source of income, through the book and services related to Illegal to Legal. To help felons find jobs, he founded and launched the HIRE EX FELONS (HXF). Sales of this book and workbook help support the Campaign. Pelshaw served numerous non-profit groups including being a Director and Officer for the local Big Brothers Big Sisters Chapter, his church, and most notably as an Associate Trainer for Dr. John C. Maxwell's global non-profit ministry Equip. Through Equip, Pelshaw has taught leadership globally to thousands. Pelshaw is a thrill-junky that loves to cycle, ski, bungee jump, work-out, travel, debate, do construction and renovations, tell cheesy jokes, read, cook for his wife, paint, mentor, teach leadership development, and eat. He is not lazy but admits to sometimes being "motivationally impaired." He is not "out of shape" and asserts "round is still a shape."

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ISBN: 9780970426123
ISBN-10: 0970426127
Publisher: Pelshaw Group
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2014
Pages: 252
Language: English