The Earthquake & 7 Seals: The Apocalypse Begins--Truths for Survival (Paperback)

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A huge earthquake will be the initiating event to biblical end-times which will be a 7-year troublous period that will drive us either toward a trusting relationship with God and His Word, or away from it in a selfish focus for security and nothing is going to end that way.

The biblical messages from Revelation 14 include a time of judgment (krisis in the Greek language). In Chinese, the two characters for crisis are danger and opportunity. Tho opportunity in this case is a covenant relationship with the same God who "executed judgment" on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant, making them His kingdom.

But the apostle Paul included that history in "all those things happened for our examples...ends of the world" and the book of Revelation has a privileged group who get to follow Christ wherever He goes and they sing a song of Moses & the Lamb--a song of their experience that no one else can sing (because they didn't have that experience.)

Egypt killed babies; the US has aborted 60 million. Egypt enslaved Israel. The US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs called healthcare but they are a leading cause of illness and death. People are enslaved to food, gambling, greed, 'music, ' sex, perversion, TV, violence, etc.

God is going to execute judgment on the US as on Egypt, and the 'heads up' sign will be when we see Jerusalem encompassed by armies as foretold by Christ in Luke 21:20, because they also have gone aganst the light of Scripture and are due for judgment.

When we see Jerusalem surrounded as Zechariah 14 says, "God Bless America?" or "Jerusalem's Destruction A Sign for US" should be understood as showing how to be ready for a covenant we must make with God as Israel did and this book--"The Earthquake & the 7 Seals" is the basis of the covenant.

Bible covenants were linked to 7's--and here are 7 topics that are emphasized 7 times in the Bible as a mark of end-time truth that we must have to do better than Israel did when they worshiped a calf after their covenant.

The 7 topics include who God is--His name, His laws and overlooked clues to a Godhead that is not a homosexual trinity (male Father, Son & Holy Ghost) but coming from a Catholic background for centuries, Christian authors have glossed over statements by Paul that we can understand God by the things that are made, Romans 1:20.

Five times Genesis 1 & 5 says we were made in God's image or likeness and twice it says male and female. Paul said "Jerusalem above is the Mother of us all," Gal 4:26. A city cannot be a mother--it's the name of our heavenly Mother, just as we have a heavenly Father and Christ is their only begotton Son. and there is more to it than I'm sharing--read it like fiction if you like, but it has solid biblical basis overlooked by theologians of our day as the Jews overlooked some things 2000 years ago.

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