Marvel Arms and Armor: The Greatest Arsenal in the Universe (Hardcover)

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Who is Iron Man without his armor, or Thor without his hammer? Learn about the mightiest weapons ever made!

From Iron Man’s armor to Cap’s shield and Star-Lord blasters to Gamora’s godslayer, the Marvel universe is filled with iconic weapons, armor, and technology. Wielded by some of the greatest heroes and villains ever created, many of these objects have histories just as compelling as the characters who use them. Some are high-tech, futuristic creations; others have mystical origins. A few have destroyed worlds or sent entire empires crashing into dust. This is their story.

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About the Author

Nick Jones is an author, editor and writer based in Lewes, East Sussex. In 2000, he moved into sci-fi and genre publishing, editing TV and movie tie-in titles (including Star Trek Magazine) and comics/toys collecting magazine Memorabilia, before taking charge of the graphic novels dept at Titan Books, where he edited Dan Dare, James Bond, Modesty Blaise, Wallace & Gromit, and DC Comics graphic novels. He is the author of DC Comics Cover Art and Guardians of the Galaxy: The Ultimate Guide; co-author of Marvel Universe: Map by Map, DC Comics Encyclopedia, and The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange. Currently, he is the editor of the DC Heroes & Villains Collection and Star Trek Explorer magazine. He blogs at Existential Ennui.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780744084542
ISBN-10: 0744084547
Publisher: DK
Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 200
Language: English