Are Textbooks Biased? (At Issue) (Library Binding)

Are Textbooks Biased? (At Issue) By Noah Berlatsky (Editor) Cover Image
By Noah Berlatsky (Editor)
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Supporting key Social Studies curriculum, this edition asks readers to evaluate and analyze a critical topic, textbook bias. A diverse set of viewpoints gives students the opportunity to practice inquiry and expand their worldviews as they navigate questions such as: what role does and can ideological bias play in an educational context, how does a textbook explore controversial subjects without revealing or endorsing a specific bias, and should textbooks censor certain sensitive topics? This book presents the many ways that facts are interpreted through ideological bias. Topics include sex education, evolution, curriculum choice, bias for or against Islam and women in textbooks, and ethnocentrism in educational texts.

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ISBN: 9780737755503
ISBN-10: 0737755504
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication Date: October 26th, 2011
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: At Issue