50 Things You Should Know about Music (Library Binding)

50 Things You Should Know about Music By Rob Baker Cover Image
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From the rock and pop of Western youth culture to the haunting sounds of traditional Mongolian throat singers, all humans in all parts of the world make music. Its harmonies affect us in a deep way and its beauty is universal.

We have developed hundreds of styles of music played with all kinds of instruments, large and small. The very first instruments were simple flutes made from animal bones, but we soon developed a vast array, making all kinds of sounds. Today we can use the latest computer technology to create any sound imaginable, and musicians continue to explore the endless possibilities of music.

Presented chronologically to show how music has developed and changed over time, this book pinpoints the musicians, genres and musical events that everyone should know.

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ISBN: 9780711281868
ISBN-10: 0711281866
Publisher: Qeb Publishing -- Quarto Library
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 80
Language: English
Series: 50 Things You Should Know about