A Secret Between Gentlemen: Faith & Desire (Hardcover)

A Secret Between Gentlemen: Faith & Desire By Peter Jordaan Cover Image
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A Secret Between Gentlemen: Faith and Desire is the third volume of the unique A Secret Between Gentlemen historical and biographical trilogy. It casts devotional light upon a handful of extraordinary homosexual clergymen who hallowed, or otherwise, the Victorian landscape, and whom are now almost forgotten.
These are the Reverends Joseph Leycester Lyne, Robert Eyton, Francis George Widdows, Arthur Trewman, and not least Robert Charles Fillingham, whose 186 volumes of unpublished diaries are here accessed to provide a fascinating window into his life and times.
The second half of this volume is devoted to two rare and hitherto unpublished tracts that will be of interest to scholars of Victorian sexuality. This is the updated Second Edition.

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ISBN: 9780645617832
ISBN-10: 0645617830
Publisher: Alchemie Books
Publication Date: September 24th, 2022
Pages: 266
Language: English