Soybeans: Technology & Utilization (Hardcover)

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1. Argonomic Characteristics, Production, and Marketing.- I. Origin.- II. Early History in Europe.- III. Early History in North America.- IV. Agronomic Characteristics.- A. Seed Morphology.- B. Germination and Seedling Development.- C. Growing Stages and Maturity Groups.- D. Seed Development.- E. Nitrogen Fixation.- F. Diseases and Pests.- V. Harvesting, Drying, and Storage.- A. Harvesting.- B. Drying.- C. Storage.- VI. Marketing and Trading.- VII. Grades, Standards, and Inspection.- VII. Variety Identification.- IX. Food Beans and Oil Beans.- References.- 2. Chemistry and Nutritional Value of Soybean Components.- I. Proximate Composition.- II. Lipids.- A. Triglycerides.- 1. Fatty Acid Composition.- 2. Geometric Configuration.- 3. Positional Distribution.- B. Phospholipids.- C. Nutritional Value of Soybean Oil.- 1. Essential Fatty Acids.- 2. Health Implications of Individual Fatty Acids.- 3. Health Implications of trans Fatty Acids.- III. Proteins.- A. Protein Classification and Nomenclature.- B. Isolation of Major Storage Proteins.- 1. Protein Bodies.- 2. Isolation Procedures.- C. Characterization of Major Storage Proteins.- 1. ?-Conglycinin (7S Globulin).- 2. Glycinin (11 S Fraction).- 3. Differences between 7S and 11S Globulins.- D. Trypsin Inhibitors.- 1. Types of Inhibitors in Soybeans.- 2. Health Implications.- 3. Elimination.- 4. Assay Methodology.- E. Lectin.- F. Lipoxygenases.- 1. Occurrences.- 2. Oxidative Reaction and Off-Flavor Formation.- 3. Other Features.- 4. Elimination.- 5. Assay Methods.- G. Nutritional Quality of Soy Protein.- 1. Amino Acid Requirements for Humans and Animals.- 2. Amino Acid Composition of Soy Protein.- 3. Protein Digestibility.- 4. Methods for Assaying Protein Quality.- 5. Hypocholesterolemic Effects of Soy Protein.- 6. Allergenicity of Soy Protein.- IV. Carbohydrates.- A. Soluble Carbohydrates.- B. Insoluble Carbohydrates.- V. Minor Components.- A. Minerals.- B. Vitamins.- C. Phytate.- 1. Occurrence.- 2. Nutritional Implications.- 3. Effects on Cooking Quality.- 4. Elimination.- 5. Assay Methods.- D. Isoflavones.- 1. Occurrences.- 2. Effects of Processing.- 3. Physiological Effects on Humans and Animals.- 4. Assay Methods.- VI. Soy Hulls.- VII. Hypocotyl Axis.- References.- 3. Biological and Compositional Changes during Soybean Maturation, Storage, and Germination.- I. Changes during Soybean Maturation.- A. Dry Matter and Proximate Composition.- B. Fatty Acid Composition.- C. Vitamins.- D. Biologically Active Components.- E. Food Values of Immature Soybeans.- II. Biological Aging during Soybean Storage.- A. Storage-Induced Protein Changes.- B. Other Changes.- C. Effects on Quality of Soy Products.- D. Mechanisms of Biological Aging.- E. Prevention of Storage-Induced Quality Loss.- III. Changes during Soybean Germination.- A. Dry Matter and Proximate Composition.- B. Fatty Acid Composition.- C. Amino Acid Composition.- D. Vitamins.- E. Biologically Active Components.- F. Food Values of Germinated Soybeans.- References.- 4. Nonfermented Oriental Soyfoods.- I. Soymilk.- A. Traditional Soymilk Preparation Methods.- B. Chemistry of Beany Flavors.- C. Modern Soymilk Preparation Methods.- 1. Cornell Method.- 2. Illinois Method.- 3. Rapid Hydration Hydrothermal Cooking.- 4. Methods Using Defatted Soy Material.- 5. Deodorization Techniques.- 6. Commercial Methods.- 7. Novel Approaches.- D. Basic Steps and Principles of Soymilk Preparation.- 1. Starting Material.- 2. Water Incorporation.- 3. Grinding.- 4. Soymilk Extraction.- 5. Heat Treatment.- 6. Formulation and Fortification.- 7. Final Processing and Packaging.- 8. Additional Processing.- E. Other Constraints.- 1. Objectionable Aftertaste.- 2. Chalkiness.- 3. Yields.- F. Standardization of Soymilk.- II. Tofu.- A. Tofu Preparation Methods.- 1. Traditional Methods.- 2. Variations in Tofu Preparation Methods.- B. Tofu Varieties.- C. Quality and Quantity Attributes of Tofu.- D. Factors Affecting Tofu Making.- 1. Soybean Varieties and Compositions....

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