Plant RNA Viruses: Molecular Pathogenesis and Management (Paperback)

Plant RNA Viruses: Molecular Pathogenesis and Management By Rajarshi Kumar Gaur (Editor), Basavaprabhu L. Patil (Editor), Ramasamy Selvarajan (Editor) Cover Image
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Plant RNA Viruses: Molecular Pathogenesis and Management provides wide-ranging coverage on the recognition and signaling events between plants and RNA viruses. The book examines the molecular biology of signaling, host-virus interaction, RNA virus diversity, and how plants and cellular pathogens interact. Sections cover Virus Diversity and Diagnosis, Virus-Host Interactions and Virus Management. Specific chapters discuss classification and nomenclature of viruses, detail the molecular characteristics of viral genomes, highlight the viral manipulation of cellular key regulatory systems for successful virus infection, and discuss the movement of plant viruses into plant cells.

Additional topics include RNA plant viruses and host interaction, detection and diversity of plant RNA viruses, and strategies for combating and management of plant viruses. With contributions from an international group of experts, the book is a comprehensive reference for those in research, academia, industry and anybody engaging in the study of plant viruses at the molecular level.

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ISBN: 9780323953399
ISBN-10: 0323953395
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 666
Language: English