Gnome Is Where Your Heart Is (Hardcover)

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(Middle Grade (Ages 8-12))


Lemon Peabody is certain that aliens visited Grandpa Walt thirty years ago, but she's running out of time to prove it before he forgets his best story. This humorous and tenderhearted story about family, friendship, and always believing in yourself is for fans of Greg van Eekhout, Stuart Gibbs, and Hour of the Bees.

Lemon Peabody loves spending time with Grandpa Walt. Even though he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and moved to an assisted living facility, he’s still the same funny, loving grandpa he’s always been. One of Grandpa’s claims to fame is his story about meeting an alien years ago—and that it looked like a garden gnome. Ever since, it’s been something of a town-wide joke, and the cause of a rift between Grandpa and Lemon’s dad. Lemon is determined to find those extraterrestrial gnomes and vindicate Grandpa Walt—while Grandpa can still remember it.

Late one night, after seeing the flash of a spaceship during a storm, Lemon enlists the help of two friends to find out what might have crashed in the woods. But then the aliens find her, and nothing goes the way she expected. Lemon is sure she can convince the aliens to fix Grandpa Walt’s memory and bring back the grandpa she misses so much for good. But the aliens are dealing with problems of their own. With a little creativity and compassion, maybe they can all help one another.

Casey Lyall’s lively, voice-driven novel bursts with heart and humor. With family and friendship—and aliens!—at its core, Gnome Is Where Your Heart Is will captivate readers of Rebecca Stead’s and Wendy Mass’s Bob, Greg van Eekhout’s Weird Kid, and Adam Rex’s The True Meaning of Smekday.

About the Author

Casey Lyall is the author of Gnome Is Where Your Heart Is; Waking the Dead and Other Fun Activities; the acclaimed picture book A Spoonful of Frogs, illustrated by Vera Brosgol; and the popular Howard Wallace, PI series. She lives in southwestern Ontario, Canada, where she also works at her local library. 

Praise For…

“An exciting story filled with humor, heart, and aliens from space. An out-of this-world page turner!” — Chris Grabenstein, #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

“A quirky and captivating sci-fi adventure that reads at light speed. Lemon Peabody is spunky, big-hearted hero easy to cheer for, and her journey reminds us to cherish every moment we have with family and friends, no matter where they're from." — John David Anderson, acclaimed author of Posted and Finding Orion

“An endlessly delightful read that seamlessly marries the excitement and kid-appeal of a first contact with aliens plotline with a sensitive depiction of a child coming to terms with a loved one’s illness. Gnome Is Where Your Heart Is is charming, witty, and just pure fun.” — Heather Fawcett, author of Ember and the Ice Dragons and The Grace of Wild Things

Gnome is Where Your Heart Is is a poignant (and often hilarious) story about unwavering familial devotion and faithful friendships with a unique sci-fi twist. The plot is both imaginative and unforgettable. Lemon Peabody is a protagonist with an engaging voice that practically leaps off the page—she's a character you'll instantly fall for. When you finish this book, you'll never look at garden gnomes the same way again. I loved it eGNOMEously.” — Angela Ahn, acclaimed author of Peter Lee’s Notes from the Field 

“A loopy plan for multigenerational reconciliation hinges on the hunt for little green aliens. . . . Walt and Lemon are deep into Project Validation, Grandpa’s long-running effort to prove that he actually did encounter a gnomelike alien 30 years ago. . . . Lyall weaves her earthbound story into the adventure of the above-mentioned aliens—and delightfully so. The chapters have a lively, starship-adventure feel that plays nicely against Lemon’s artless storytelling. . . . Science-fiction elements send this tale of relatable family issues to delightfully surprising places.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Readers who love tales of adventure will enjoy watching the inventive, intrepid Lemon scheme to outwit the retirement home nurse, her parents, and an evil alien, only to find herself in need of a rescue by her friends, old and new. With an easygoing mix of idealism, bravado, and wit, this third-person narrative will entertain many readers.” — Booklist

“In a sensitive novel from Lyall, an 11-year-old confronts her grandfather’s gradual decline due to Alzheimer’s disease, a family rift, and a rumor about aliens. . . . After a late-night incidence of flashing lights persuades Lemon that the aliens have returned, she enlists the aid of two friends—one a murder mystery writer with a morbid bent, the other a passionate mycologist—committed to establishing that Grandpa has always been right. . . . Lyall strikes an even balance between heartwarming and heartbreak as Lemon’s independent spark, sharp wit, and deep compassion brighten the pages.” — Publishers Weekly

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ISBN: 9780063239821
ISBN-10: 0063239825
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English